Selecting a Burial Casket

Being a part of the planning and organizing of funeral arrangements for a friend or a loved one can be an overwhelming task. One of the most significant pieces of planning for a funeral is choosing a burial casket. Caskets are a way to honor your loved one, is the ultimate resting place, and is the final chance you will have to show that you love and care for them.
At Ellington Funeral Services we offer many, quality, customizable options with our caskets that will fit your every need. Here are some of the steps to follow when choosing the right casket.

The first consideration to make is the purpose of the casket. Two purposes for caskets are burial and cremation. If your loved one preplanned for their funeral, chances are they have chosen their casket, which will make it easier for the family.

Material and Size
For material, there are two main options: wood or metal. Once you have decided the purpose, choosing the material will narrow your choices. As a rule of thumb, metal caskets are never used during the cremation process. For size, generally, height and weight will dictate this. We offer many sizes of caskets, that can accommodate decorative cap panels or other tokens.
Be sure to ask the funeral director who assist you what options you have when choosing the appropriate casket.

Once you have determined the purpose, the appropriate size, and other decorative materials, be sure to get quotes. Getting quotes will allow you to remain within budget. As with the price list of the services our home provides, we also will give you a price list of the caskets we provide. Ask for that if you aren’t given one, so you can be sure to remain within budget and break down all cost involved before you confirm anything.

At Ellington Funeral Services, generally, the casket that you have chosen for your loved one is available by the time of service. However, if you do not see the casket you have selected in person, ask about delivery. If the casket you have chosen is being delivered, ask to see the casket prior to services to be sure that the casket you have chosen is the casket is what is delivered. Nothing is worse than forgetting this vital detail that could delay something as memorable as a funeral.

For more information on caskets, funeral preplanning, or any other service, feel free to email us at or call us at (704) 334-6700.

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