Ruth Holloway

March 30, 1951  –  January 18, 2018


Ruth was born the eldest of seven children, with two sisters and four brothers,

to Lucille and Mack Holloway. She was a loving and devoted daughter to

her parents, especially her father.  She, later on, became the mother of

a son,  John Painter whom she loved and adored.  “ A mother’s love is the

closest thing to God’s love.” Ruthie was a Christian and had accepted Jesus

Christ as her Lord and Savior.


Ruthie’s birth order helped teach her lessons at a young age on how to be strong,

how to lead, how to face adversity, and how to be an example. She attended

public schools in Mount Holly, NC and later finished Cosmetology School.

This would be a lifelong profession for her.


Thus the “Ruthie Show” began!


Ruthie’s talent, personality, genuineness, and “gift of gab” began to be

on full display. She and a partner opened Topper’s salon in Gastonia NC.

It was at this time that she honed her business skills.   After a few years,

she decided to relocate to Charlotte.  With the full package in place,

a quest was started, which eventually became Hair Art on Harding Place.

Ruthie worked hard and played hard.  Her life was an extension of her work

and vice versa.  She also loved to travel.


Ruthie developed lifelong friends and acquaintances and always found time

to help others, especially her family.  She at one time was part of a program for

cancer patients, “Look Good-Feel Good” where she gave her time, talent, and resources.


She was a person who brought beauty to the world.  Literally….in her Profession,

Publically….in her Presence, and Physically….as Herself.  Ruth was a self-made person,

The quintessential meaning of the “American Dream…………. Come True.”

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