Need Documents for your loved one?

Death Certificates

Often, you will need a death certificate for insurance purposes, social security, or veterans benefits to name a few. Generally, these agencies may require a Certified Death Certificate. Death Certificates are not free in many of the counties in North Carolina. The location of where your loved one passed away will determine the county to contact to receive a copy of the certificate. You will need to reach out to the County Register of Deeds or Vital Records, to retrieve a copy and obtain their prices for copies.

Information to have on hand when requesting a copy of the death certificate will be:

  • Full name of the person named on the certificate
  • Date of death of the person on the certificate
  • Be an eligible family member of the person on the certificate or other authorized agent 
    • Eligible family members include: 
      • Spouse
      • Child
      • Sibling 
      • Stepchild
      • Stepparent
      • Direct Descendant or Ancestor
      • Attorney or Legal Representative



Paid-In-Full Receipts 

We have the ability to provide paid-in-full receipts for any part of the burial expenses incurred when services were provided. 

Our receipts contain the following information: 

  • Itemized
  • Identity of the person deceased
  • Total amount of the burial or cremation services provided
  • Amount and date of each payment, as well as the person who made the payment. 
  • Any unpaid amounts that are due. 

There will be a $25.00 administrative fee for all documents that are provided to families. Credit card payments can be accepted and the documents can be emailed to the point of contact. Additional costs on top of the administrative fee for mailing the documents will be added as an extra expense.