Funeral Planning Mistakes to Avoid

We have found that many people like to plan for their funeral arrangements in advance. Our funeral directors are experts in their field and can help you or your loved ones lay out the most comfortable plan, that is to your wishes when the day of your passing comes.

Without the help of a funeral director, some mistakes can be made in the basic funeral preplanning process. Here are some standard errors that we have seen throughout our profession and how you can avoid them.

Waiting for an illness
Sometimes, people will not preplan for their services; instead, they wait until they are diagnosed with an illness. This is not the best approach for a few reasons: first, there is never a guarantee that there will be a length to your illness, second, there will be many other concerns for you, and third, there will be important wishes to you that you may forget.

Always ask questions
There are many parts to planning a funeral that requires essential decisions; therefore, you should never feel discouraged if you would like to ask questions. There is never a right or wrong question during this time, and it is our goal to keep you informed of your wishes.

We can’t stress enough to always communicate with the funeral director who assists you when making arrangements. As mentioned before, there are many steps in the funeral planning process, and many of those you will not think about until after you have planned for you or your loved one’s arrangements. We encourage you at any time to communicate with us on any matter of concern about the arrangements you have made.

We know that arranging for funeral services is the last thing that someone wants to do. Often during the arrangement process, a budget is an afterthought. We strive with each family that we serve, to keep in mind emotional spending could take place. We do not push our products or services on families. If there is ever a question regarding our prices, please ask the funeral director that assists you.

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