Having a funeral for a loved one represents a purposeful opportunity to reflect on a meaningful life that has been lived. This is an opportunity to showcase the meaning and impact that your loved one has had on others. Our staff has come to realize that every family and every funeral service is different; as this is a time for every human to share their deepest sense. It is the goal of Ellington Funeral Services to help people complete the relationship with loved ones and those who have passed on and to provide the atmosphere that encourages one to receive and give emotional support. We are also committed to ensuring that you understand your choices and help you select the burial option that best suits your loved one’s needs.  

Why a Cemetery?

The idea of honoring our loved ones at their permanent resting place is a time-honored tradition. Whether it was the ancient Egyptians constructing the pyramids, the erection of a grand private mausoleum, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington Cemetery, or a simple burial space with a marker, the idea of a dignified burial and remembering our deceased loved ones is an important tradition. We care for these places and visit them to remember and feel connected to this special person in our lives. A cemetery provides a peaceful environment for our loved ones to rest and for us to honor their memory.  

Cemetery Property Options

Many of Charlotte’s local cemeteries offer many dignified options for your family. These options can range from personal taste, beliefs, or budget. You can select burial spaces that range from individual plots for one person to multiple plots for many members of your family. These options, however, will depend on the cemetery that is chosen. We recommend that families check directly with their cemetery of choice to see available options. We also recommend seeking information on the following: maintenance practices (how much of your cost is going to an ongoing fund), relevant rules regarding flower placement, monuments, markers, and decorations.

Our caskets are crafted from wood and metal. Casket costs are influenced by the type of wood and metal used during construction along with the type of material used on the interior.

  • We have many wood options to choose from, which are, but not limited to:
    •  Mahogany
    •  Cherry
    •  Walnut
    •  Hickory
    •  Cedar
    •  Maple
    •  Pecan
    •  Ash
    •  Oak
    •  Pine
    •  Poplar
    •  Cloth-Covered Wood
  • We also have many metal options to choose from, which are, but not limited to:
    •  Bronze
    •  Copper
    •  Stainless Steel
    •  16-gauge steel
    •  18-gauge steel
    •  20-gauge steel

Interior fabric on the casket that is chosen can range from a simple crepe to a more luxurious velvet. Depending on the casket of choice, additional protection may be included to withstand the entrance of outside elements.

Outer Burial Container Options

Many local cemeteries require that an outer burial container be placed around the casket. The primary reason for this is that a casket is not designed to withstand the weight of the grave and the heavy equipment used in the routine maintenance of the cemetery. An outer burial container helps support the weight of the grave, protects the integrity of the casket and can aid in keeping the grave level, which contributes to the overall positive appearance of the cemetery. Like caskets, there are options in outer burial containers from which you can choose based on your personal needs, taste and budget. Some of the materials that are commonly utilized in manufacturing outer burial containers include concrete and various types of metal. Our funeral directors are here to advise you and your family on the outer burial container options, if your cemetery will require an outer burial container, and the cost associated with your choice.