Our Funeral Care Services

Caring Matters

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Personal Care Services

Premium Funeral Care Services – We transport your loved one to our facility (or anywhere in the world) and carefully manage everything required for personal visitation, burial, cremation, or donation.

Family Care Services

We help families coordinate the variety of tasks and events surrounding the death of a loved one. Whether its helping you file necessary forms, arranging lodging for out of town guests, or planning catered events for friends and family – our friendly staff can help you manage everything.

Free Planning Support

We can help you with immediate needs and advanced planning arrangements. For Planning Assistance Call: 704.334.6700 or Email: HelpMePlan@carlmellington.com

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Celebrating Lives

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Visitation and Viewing

Our comfortable, tastefully decorated visitation rooms enable you to receive guests in a relaxed home-like environment. We offer flexible scheduling, easy parking, catering services, and transportation support.

Memorial Services

We help you create an event that will best celebrate and honor your loved one. Our family and associates have been serving families for over 70 years. We provide traditional and non-traditional, religious and non religious ceremonies for all faiths.

After Gatherings

Our catered family event rooms are a convenient alternative to hosting after service gatherings in your home. We provide a comfortable, full service experience so you can focus on the more important needs of family and friends.

Always Remember

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Personal Remembrances

Want to honor a family member or friend in a unique way? There are many alternatives. For example: online tributes, living memorials, remembrance items, cremation urns or anniversary events. We can help you select a solution best suited to your individual and family needs.

After Care Services

Our care continues even after all the ceremonies and gatherings are done. We follow up to ensure you have all the documents, information, and help you need to complete any remaining tasks. You can also count on us to help with any future needs or questions that may arise. We are always here for you.

Community Services

Contact us about Special Programs for veterans, police, and fire personnel; community groups; and congregations. For Information Call: 704.334.6700 or Email: WeHonorYou@carlmellington.com