About Us


Ellington Funeral Services professionals are dedicated to helping you create a meaningful funeral for your loved one. With more than 60 years experience in Charlotte, our staff recognizes your family’s unique needs and will work to accommodate your personal traditions and requests. We understand that losing a loved one is difficult, and our staff is available around the clock. Our full time support staff is also available to help you through the arrangement process, necessary paperwork and other administration needs.

What’s different about a family owned funeral home in Charlotte?

Families know how to celebrate, remember and care for others. Those are very important qualities in funeral services but they are not qualities that many large organizations value. Ellington Funeral Services in Charlotte NC has helped thousands of people over the last 100 years celebrate the lives of their loved ones.

We have less overhead so we can offer our services at a more reasonable price than other Charlotte funeral homes that are part of a large, nationwide corporation with lots of administrative overhead. We keep the cost down on everything from caskets to cremation urns. Making funerals affordable is just one more way we take care of our families and friends in Charlotte.

We have more flexibility to tailor our services to the particular needs of individual families. Corporate owned funeral homes tend to offer standard packages and prices that are not very flexible. Funeral costs are always a consideration and, everyone knows how hard it is to get personal service or exceptions to rules from big corporations.

We are personally connected to the Charlotte community and the people we serve. As a result, we focus on making a positive impact on the community with everything we do. Doing things that we know are important, even if they may be hard to justify in a corporate financial report.

When someone dies, people turn to families and friends they trust for advice and support. That’s how my family got started in this business more than 100 years ago – Simply helping people in the community who needed special support because they had a death in the family. People soon realized that our family could be trusted to advise and support them in a time of need. That’s a family reputation that we carry on today.

Our family’s funeral home has always been a gathering place for the community to celebrate, remember and care for those they love. We are happy and proud to be providing that support to the community again. Our funeral home is located in Charlotte but we reach out to the surrounding areas such as Matthews, Monroe, Concord and Lake Norman.